Product overview

From ideas to success…


Let us involve you in the development of your film product – from the very first idea to the final product ready for series production: working together with you, our application engineers develop the basic film product and create individual specialised films or composites which will optimise handling, productivity and process stability. We apply the latest technology of film extrusion, flexo-printing, lamination, score cutting and conversion – the whole process from one source. 

Our products are made from eco-friendly raw materials (PE, PP, PA). The product portfolio includes industrial packaging, protection film as well as technical films. Industrial packaging is produced for various sectors: chemical, medicine, technics, engineering, electrical engineering and food. The film material of different thermoplastics can be extruded in one layer and also in a multi-layer version. For further finishing of film products we apply solvent free lamination – with aluminum, oriented films of other plastic materials or various paper grades.